How to create a monero wallet?

  • Step 1: Go to mymonero web site and click on "Create an Account".
  • Step 2: Save "Your Private Login Key" on your pc or print it.
  • Step 3: Copy "Your Private Login Key" and paste it to "Confirm your Private Login Key" field and click the confirmation button.
  • Step 4: Your monero wallet is ready.

Important! If you lose or forget "Your Private Login Key" you can not login and use your wallet forever.

Start mining

  • Step 1: Copy your wallet address from
  • Step 2: Paste your wallet address to xmr address field on home page. Click the "Let's go" button.
  • Step 3: You are ready to start mining. Click the "Start Mining" button.

Congratulations! You are mining Monero now.

Referral system

If new users sign up with your referral url you will receive %1 commission by the user mined monero coin. You can see your referral url on miner page.

How it works? lets the users to mine monero coin by using their own web browser (Chrome, Mozilla, Safari etc.) and CPU. You can set up your CPU's threads and speed. takes %3 percent commission from the mined monero coin. The user can't send withdraw request before the mined monero coin balance reaches 0.05. In case of withdraw requests under 0.5 mined monero coin balance, 0.01 monero coin will be deducted as transaction cost.

It is adviced not to mine monero coins on your mobile devices.